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Height: 38 cm
Length: 21 cm


In 1928, MAX LE VERRIER created his famous CLARTE, woman with a ball, torchère from the 1930s, taking up the idea of the ancient goddess of light and symbolizing the era both by her boyish hairstyle and by the sobriety of its line.

He sculpted it in his small workshop based on a live model: in reality, Max was very demanding and
needed three different models: he asked his cousin to pose for the head with her pointed and straight nose and her bob haircut, he immortalized the legs of a dancer performing in the ballets of JOSEPHINE BAKER and the bust remained a secret…
This piece appeared in the LUMIERES exhibition at the GEORGES POMPIDOU center from May to August 1985, and in 1987 in the MADE IN FRANCE exhibition at HARROD'S in London as well as in the DE MAIN DE MAITRE exhibition at Grand Palais.

Two sculptures have been admired in the Grand Salon of the LUTETIA hotel in Paris for more than 20 years, and CLARTE decorated the palace MARTINEZ in Cannes for the new millenium.
Nowadays, this piece of art is displayed in the room dedicated to Max Le Verrier at the restaurant LES GRANDS BUFFETS in Narbonne as well as at the QUEEN, a beautiful club restaurant located in Miami Beach where two CLARTE are symmetrically positioned.

Masterpiece of the collection, the human size CLARTE was also realized in a smaller dimension of 85 cm, is named LUMINA for 68 cm and becomes LUEUR for 38 cm.

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