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Published by Editions Louvre Victoire, this art book is exclusively dedicated to Max Le Verrier’s life and artistic work and celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his death paying tribute to him.


This work invites you on a journey throughout the time and will immerse you in the roaring twenties- the liberation period, full of pleasures, culturally and artistically buzzing- recounting the hectic and fascinating life of that so creative and talented Art Deco-minded artist.


Deeply involved in the beauty of that movement, Max Le Verrier both sculptor and producer, passed on a priceless artistic heritage to us. His creations embody the French refinement. Most of them realized in the 1920-30’s, still remain amazingly modern and keep being the stuff of dreams all around the world. Let yourself be seduced by the grace and the charm of his iconic sculptures, by the purity and sobriety of their timeless shapes.


As the pages go by, you learn about the fanciful life of that tireless sculptor, illustrated with wonderful pictures of his pieces of art, archives, family and workshop shots; the majority of them never having been seen.

The last part of the book is concerned with the emblematic works, photographed in exceptional places, bringing a touch of elegance and perfectly matching their environment.


Max Le Verrier managed to link preciously the History, arts and crafts, and home design with ingenuity and sensibility.


Bilingual English-French, only 1000 books are published at a unit price of 60€, you can already reserve yours on our website, through this link.

The Publisher

Created in 1988 by Jean Jacques Wattel, the company Louvre Victoire is specialized in French 20th century Decorative Arts. Many expert assessments and consulting works have been realized. Joined by his wife, Bénédicte, their activities spread to emphasise collections or design exhibitions for public or private collectors. Their earlier publications have been increased since 2013 with the launch of the Editions Louvre Victoire. The purpose was to allow the greatest number of people to learn about Decorative Arts thanks to specialized and highly documented books. As a matter of fact, Editions Louvre Victoire has been regularly publishing books dedicated to ceramics, tapestry, photography, Decorative Arts, design and architecture.

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