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Clown à la boule
Clown à la boule Clown à la boule Clown à la boule Clown à la boule    

Reference n°3004

Height : 26 cm
Length : 42 cm
Weight : 10,4 kg


Born in Pontoise, the undeniable talented BOURAINE, only wanted to draw his inspiration from himself. He was really passionate by stylization, however he knew how to curb his trends and not fall in extravagant conceptions. All his sculptures are full of life and genuine realism.

Made prisoner during the war, his talent interested the German soldiers who gave him a lot of work to do.

Sent to Switzerland, he made many monuments and one for the town of Lausanne.

From this period, BOURAINE kept exhibiting in important fairs : « The french artists Exhibition », « Autumn Exhibition »… and the art criticism always acknowledged his artistic skills.

This statue defines a type of modern stylization particullary well done. We know that the modern sculpture essentially tends to fit in solely geometric shapes, which allows to be in harmony with the simple lines of the architecture.